Android, the dangers it faces

I'm amazed at the number of new and forthcoming Android handsets from various manufactures, not that that in itself is an issue (its normal) but the numbers of new handsets is amazing.

It's as if, in their desire to cover the full extent of the market (entry level to top tier) they've missed the plot and actually created too many phones... like they weren't sure where the 'entry level' ended and mid-range started, or where the mid-range became high end so in an effort to make sure they covered it 'all' they brought out a new (another) model, sorta like an entry mid-level or mid high end phone, just in case.

When what they should have done is spend a bit more time and effort in defining their product line better, cos instead of offering a clear product hierarchy for consumers it’s the consumer that has to run numerous Google type spec searches, not the normal review orientated searches to find out the differences between very similar models (both within a brand and between brands).

All that the above does is create a sense of 'Androidapathy' (a slight aversion due to too much choice) amongst certain people, who then often go for a different brand or OS. I think Samsung is probably the most guilty of what I mentioned above but in a sense they set the pace and others like Sony are following suite, at their peril I believe. 

It’s fine now, but as the market slows and consumers get more specific in terms of what they want, the 'over' diversification of the product lines will get people to reconsider purchasing a specific brand of phone, it’s quite likely that, at present (and this probably excludes the top end phones) a consumer likes the camera of this one, the screen resolution and size of that one but the processor set of a third.

Previously, without so much diversification one would find a model that was just right, based on budget and wants. 

I may be wrong but I find this 'flooding' of models ends up diluting the OS's appeal, when it has to be so generic to cover an ever increasing range. It's sad when it’s up to the 'touchwiz' or 'sense' bits to create a sense (excuse the pun) of uniqueness...


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