Nokia Gives You 41 Million Reason on July 11th

After months of rumors about the Nokia Lumia EOS coming with the game changing 41mp Pure View camera we finally get something official from Nokia themselves about it. Above is a picture that was put on their official site Nokia Conversations with an invite to watch this event live as it happens!  

What will you see at this event? I believe not only will you see fabled 41mp PureView camera from the Nokia 808 but also Nokia has a little more up their sleeve than that. Earlier Nokia teased everyone with picture.

Also there was a leaked video of the Lumia EOS's shutter opening and closing with what looked like to be a mechanical zoom. While it's impossible to know exactly what Nokia has for us on the 11th it looks like the EOS will have at the 41mp camera from the Nokia 808, combined with the OIS technology from Lumia 920, combined with the a mechanical zoom of some sort. I personally can't wait to see it


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