Gadgets: You Can Customize the Keys of your Keyboard

This is quite possibly the softest hardware keyboard ever made.

With its novel e-ink key labels, the Sonder Bluetooth computer keyboard offers visual customization for 50 of its 78 plastic buttons. You can program in what symbols, pictographs, or (lol) letters you want to display on each key, and the keys will change what they display before your eyes. 

Who, besides emoji maniacs, might want this? Well, those that use multiple shortcut-heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop would be able to bring up the corresponding suite of shortcut icons, for example. It’s pretty clever and could eliminate the exhausting process of memorizing what each key does in each program.

Sonder Design touts its keyboard’s ability to create emoji shortcuts keys, with a picture of the emoji displayed right on top. All of its keys can apparently be customized to show an entirely different language with just the flip of some settings.

The un-customizable keys on Sonder look to be Mac-compatible; you can see the Mac-only “command” button where the Windows key might typically be. Though the company claims the device will work with PCs, it seems more-so catered to Mac typers.

That being said, the Sonder keyboard is yet to even launch its Kickstarter campaign, due to go up before the end of the year. Changes could still happen between now and the time the final product hits consumers.

You can pre-order a Sonder over at the company’s website for $199, which is more than $1,000 cheaper than this keyboard that does some of the same things. Though with no info to be found about when the keyboard will ship, you may be better off waiting for the Kickstarter to kick-off.


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