Oculus VR and Microsoft Are Going to Stream Xbox

Oculus VR and Microsoft are teaming up to pump all of your favorite Xbox One and Windows 10 games directly into your eyeballs.

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Facebook-owned virtual-reality headset maker Oculus, announced the partnership during a pre-E3 press event. Iribe added that the Oculus Rift headset will ship with an Xbox One wireless controller and adapter when the Rift hits the market in early 2016.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer joined Oculus for the announcement, saying that the partnership will allow gamers to play Xbox One games via Microsoft’s new Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming.

So what Xbox One games will you be able to get down with when you pick up your Oculus? Based on the announcement, it looks like all of them. In fact, Spencer specifically mentioned that you’ll be able to play popular titles like Halo and Forza.

It doesn’t seem like Xbox One or Windows 10 games will be displayed in a virtual reality environment, though; you won’t be able to walk around inside them, in other words. Instead, you’ll be viewing the game on a screen inside your helmet, as though you were sitting in a virtual living room.

In essence, you’ll be playing video games on a screen in a virtual living room while sitting in your real-life living room. It’s like Inception the video game.

Still, being able to play Xbox One games on a massive screen, without actually having to own a massive screen in real life, certainly does make the Rift even more appealing than it already was.



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