Tuning Out: A Soothing Wearable, and Earbuds

Here Active Listening is a set of earbuds that doesn't let you stream music from your phone. Instead, it's supposed to variably improve, amplify and tune out the sounds of the world around you, in a bid to improve audio quality in almost every facet of your life.

Through (what else?) a smartphone app, you can select not only which sounds you hear in the physical world, but how you hear them. Need to drown out annoying office chatter, but zero in on the conversation at your meeting? It seems as though Here can do just that.

There's a range of equalizer options to adjust how you hear live music, for instance, and a number of presets to cut down on certain sounds. You can also slap on effects like reverb, bass boost and echo.

The crowdfunding campaign already has reached it's goal, though I do hope one of the stretch goals is to add headphone capability. It'd bother me to have to switch out Here for my regular earbuds when I want to listen to music or a podcast from my phone.

Anything that can help tune out hideous screaming and yelping at concerts and keep my focus on the music itself, or shut out a fussing infant on public transport, is something I can get behind. I am tuning into these.



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