Another Promising Smartphone: OnePlus’ Follow-Up, OnePlus 2

OnePlus, the China-based smartphone maker that sold more than 1.5 million units of its debut device, has finally launched its follow-up: the OnePlus 2.

The company first phone drew plaudits for delivering the specs and experience that compete with some of the best in the industry at a mere $300 price point. The OnePlus 2 is largely cut from the same cloth, with a slightly higher price of $329 for the 16GB version, or $389 for a more generous (and powerful) 64GB model, but more for your money. OnePlus is calling it a killer and certainly, with a new iPhone or top-end Samsung device costing $800-plus, the pricing is pretty lethal.

The device keeps the same 5.5-inch screen as the original, and this time around is powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm. The camera specs remain the same too — 13-megapixels on the back and five-megapixels on the front — but now includes autofocus, Optical Image Stabilization, and an f/2.0 aperture, which improves shots in low light among other things.

The device’s battery is bumped up to 3,300mAh, and the OnePlus 2 includes dual-SIM, a fingerprint scanner and — of course — it runs the company’s Oxygen version of Android out of the box. (The OnePlus ran Cyanogen, but — following a legal scrap — OnePlus develop its own OS, which is available as an optional download for the original device.)


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