Batman The Dark Knight Rises Highly Commpressed (400 MB)

Batman The Dark Knight Rises is a 3D High Graphic Game it is Gameloft game and this game is for Android phones and iphones it is not available on Playstore but you can download this game from here. This game size is about (1.8 GB) but i am giving you this highly commpressed in just (400 MB) two parts first part size is (400 MB) and second part size is (270 MB) you can download and install this game by following these steps or you can see my video on my YouTube channel so let's get started!

1.First you wanna download both game file parts

2.Then you wanna download and install a APPLICATION called Zarchiver

3.Then you wanna open the folder where you downloaded the file

4.Then you wanna press on the part 1

5.Then you will see a box with many options but you wanna just pres on EXTRACT HERE

6.Then it will EXTRACT the file

7.Then you will see another ZIP file

8.Then you wanna press on the file

9.Then you wanna press on EXTRACT HERE

10.Then it will EXTRACT the file

11.Then you will see two files one is APK file and one is DATA file

12.Then you wanna press on APK file

13.Then press on open

14.Then you wanna press and hold on the DATA file and press on cut

15.Then go to your phone INTERNAL STORAGE/Android/DATA folder and PASTE it

16.Then you see a batman game icon in APPS

17.Then you wanna press on that icon

18.You can play it Offline too!

19.Enjoy playing the game!

                          GAME PICTURES

         PASSWORD:Muhammad Aayan Waqar

                                          PART 2


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