Spider-Man 1 Game for PC

Spiderman 1 is a Adventure,fun and action Game it is for PS1,PC and Nintendo you can download and play this game on your Windows PC by this link you can download and install this game by these following steps or you can watch my video on my YouTube channel so let's get started!

1.First you wanna download and install WinRar you can download it from any browser

2.Then you wanna go to the folder where you downloaded the file

3.Then you wanna right click on the file

4.Then you wanna press on EXTRACT HERE

5.Then it will say you for Password you wanna enter this Password:Muhammad Aayan Waqar

6.Then you will see a Folder named Spiderman 1

7.Then you wanna open the folder

8.Then you will see setup.exe

9.Then you wanna press on setup.exe

10.Then you will see a box and you wanna install the game in any disk

11.Then you wanna close the box

12.Then you wanna find the disk where you installed the game

13.Then you wanna press on SpideyPC

14.Enjoy playing the Game

                    GAME PICTURES

    NOTE: This link is updated so wait few seconds and press get link then you're done and THANK YOU all for that much support

               PASSWORD:Muhammad Aayan Waqar


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