Tac-Force Tf-875or Spring Assisted Knife

Spring Assisted 3.75" 3mm Thick Blade, Stainless Steel Black Half Serrated Blade 4.75" Closed Orange Aluminum Handle With Led Light Includes Pocket Clip

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Company Intro: 

Turkey Creek Trading Company have been in this business for last 22 years and is one of the largest importer in USA. We directly import 99 % of our items from China, Pakistan, India and Taiwan. We offer a large variety of Knives, Swords, Fantasy Daggers, Air Soft Guns, Self Defense Items, Martial Arts products and much more...

your writing turns into trippy 3D images by this App

It's easy to imagine a piece of art in your head, but making it real is another matter if you're not an artist. Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply describe what you wanted? WordsEye is trying just that. Its beta web app lets you describe a scene using natural-language text, and uses statistical parsing to translate that into a 3D image. 

You can name objects and their qualities using terms that are as fuzzy or exacting as you like, including relative concepts like position. It's easy to use, although the results can be more than a little surreal -- just look at the pictured rat on a cat on a Christmas cow if you need proof.

Not surprisingly, the technology is limited by the models it has and the vocabulary it understands. WordsEye wouldn't be truly practical unless you could expect it to draw almost anything. 

Even in its current incarnation, though, it's still an interesting, accessible way of producing art. You'll have to sign up to participate in the closed beta test, but there are plans for Android and iOS apps on top of the web version.


Futuristic Watch: Seiko Is Re-issuing

Sometimes a unique design isn’t enough to make a product a hit, but then it makes an appearance in a major motion picture and suddenly everyone wants one. Let’s call it the DeLorean BTTF effect, and that’s exactly what happened with the Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 once Ripley wore it in Aliens.

That’s not to say the chronograph was a failure before James Cameron chose it (and a handful of other Seikos) for his characters to wear in his 1986 fantasy sci-fi classic Aliens. The watchmaker had actually brought on Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaroto to design the timepiece, which features a unique panel sticking out on one side where you’ll find a pair of generously-sized chronograph buttons.

A collectible is always more interesting with a story behind it, and once moviegoers saw what a badass character Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley was, of course they’d want to own the same watch she wore in the film. It also didn’t hurt that the Seiko 7A28-7000 looked like it was a film prop specifically designed for a gritty future that hadn’t quite arrived yet.

The original version of the Seiko 7A28-7000, released back in 1983, isn’t terribly hard to find these days. They pop up on eBay for around a grand, but rarely in perfect condition. So if you’re happy to settle with a remarkably close facsimile, Seiko has just announced two re-issue versions of the watch: the Seiko X Giugiaro Design Spirit Smart SCED035 and SCED037, available in gray or black housings.

The most notable difference between the original 7A28-7000 and the new SCED035 (the gray model) is that it’s missing the crown and extra button on the left side of its case. It gives the watch a slightly sleeker look, and helps Seiko differentiate the re-issue from the original. Collectors who want the exact same watch Ripley wore probably won’t be satisfied with that change, but the re-issues will sell for around just $260 and $290.

So if you’re willing to compromise, you’ll save yourself a few bucks on a classic timepiece and a classic piece of sci-fi tech.

Star Wars collectible: Ralph McQuarrie's Boba Fett

As the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett barely had much to say in the brief time he was in the Star Wars original trilogy. Fett reminded Darth Vader that Han Solo was "no good to me dead" when the smuggler was about to be frozen in carbonite.

But aside from asking for Solo remain alive and screaming as he fell into the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine in the Star Wars movies, the adult version of Fett didn't have the kind of screen time some fans had hoped.

Of course, we heard much more from him as a child when we get his backstory from the Star Wars prequels and "The Clone Wars" animated series.

Regardless, the adult version of Boba Fett still remains one of the most popular Star Wars characters from the film saga.

Inspired by artist Ralph McQuarrie's pre-production paintings for "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," this Boba Fett Star Wars statue by Sideshow Collectibles shows off his original design wearing a super trooper helmet design and all-white armor.

Fett originally began as a super trooper -- his look inspired by Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. Fett appears in this statue not only featuring his original all-white armor but also two unique helmet designs.

Sideshow Collectibles' artists have extensively researched and translated McQuarrie's iconic artwork to create this stunning homage Star Wars concept art that never made it to the big screen.

The Boba Fett statue measures 18.5 inches high (469.9mm) by 12 inches wide (304.8mm) by 11 inches long (279.4mm) and weighs 10 pounds (4.54 kg).

This collectible statue retails for $424.99 (about £282.73, AU$590.79). Or you can set up a payment plan for as little as $54.64 a month if you prefer not to spend the lump sum right away. The Boba Fett statue is expected to ship between Oct 2016 and December 2016.