Ben 10 Protector of Earth for Android Highly Commpressed (100 MB) 4 PARTS

Ben 10 Protector of Earth is a Adventure,Action and fun Game it is released on October 30 2007 it is available for PSP,PS2,Nintendo DS,Nintendo Wii and totally for Android because there is a PSP Emulator for Android called PPSSPP Emulator Ben 10 Protector of Earth Game size of this Emulator is about (650 MB) but i am giving you this in just (100 MB) 4 Parts you can download this game by following these steps or you can see my Tutorial video on my YouTube channel

1.First you wanna download all parts of this game from here

2.Then you wanna Download and Install a APPLICATION called Zarchiver you can download it from Google Play Store

3.Then open Zarchiver APPLICATION

4.Then go to the folder where you downloaded the Game files

5.Then press on PART 1

6.Then you will see a box with many options but you just wanna press on EXTRACT HERE it will say you for password you wanna enter this password:Muhammad Aayan Waqar

7. Then it will EXTRACT the file

8.Then you will see a 7z file

9.Then you wanna press on the file and again press on EXTRACT HERE

10.Then it will EXTRACT your file

11.Then you will see a ISO file

12.Then you wanna download and install a APPLICATION called PPSSPP emulator

13.The open PPSSPP Emulator APPLICATION
14.Then go to the folder where you EXTRACTED the Game file

15.Then you will see a Ben 10 picture you wanna press on that picture

16.Enjoy playing the Game!

                      GAME PICTURES

          PASSWORD:Muhammad Aayan Waqar

                                            PART 1               

                                         PART 2

                                         PART 3


                                          PART 4


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